Guest house in the suburbs of St. Petersburg, Pavlovsk Art History House.

Palace and park ensembles of Pavlovsk, Tsarskoye Selo,

which YOU have visited at best with excursions of 3-4 hours, sometimes contrived during this time he will meet two palaces. To say that it is "Gallop across Europe" is very soft
What do you remember? And it is no less interesting than city attractions.

You probably realized that to walk through the parks and visit the palaces (and there are many of them in the suburbs), it takes more than one day.
Then draw a line - you need to stop in the suburbs.
Where also there are all the benefits of civilization. By the way, with restaurants there is also a complete order, a kitchen for every taste and budget. Well, if you want to visit the theater, get to the city center, perhaps in less than an hour, no one canceled a taxi either. Think and decide.

Guest House - Art History House

It is an atmospheric home for a relaxing and beautiful holiday.    To be in the past to be in the present.

Guest House - Арт History House

it is a combination of antique pieces of furniture and modern style, harmonious proximity of household items to works of art

The house is located 700 meters from the entrance to the Pavlovsky Palace and Park Ensemble in a guarded cottage village. Where there will definitely be no fun company, or heated guests after the celebration of a certain celebration.
The Park can be reached on foot along a scenic road, or can be reached by bike. And the charter, after a busy day exploring the palaces and parks, in the evening you can safely sit with a glass of wine by the fireplace, go to the sauna. Cook meat on the grill, admire the reflection of the sunset in the pond. And tomorrow with renewed vigor for new experiences.

We provide our guests with comfortable accommodation and acquaintance with tourist and also "non-tourist" attractions. The word "non-tourist" means interesting places (and believe me a lot of them) where they do not take a "group" tourist.
All this is better to discuss in advance and make an interesting route for you.

The preference to come in the summer is not entirely true, believe me, autumn parks will please you no less, and in winter you can pay more attention to visiting museum complexes, at this time the number of tourists is reduced, no need to stand in lines and you will not step on the heels of a group of hurrying nervous tourists. And after a winter walk, you definitely need to bask in the sauna.

The choice is yours, let me give you a good rest with an individual approach to your interests.


Гостевой дом Терраса в гостевом доме Померанцевый шпиц Гостевой дом, пруд Гостевой дом, пруд гостевой дом, вход Гостевой дом терраса

Lounge area

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Гостевой дом, Лаунд зона Гостевой дом, Спальня Гостевой дом, Спальня Гостевой дом, Спальня Гостевой дом, Спальня

Гостевой дом, Сауна Гостевой дом, Караоки Гостевой дом, санузел Гостевой дом, Джакузи


Check-in:с 14:00-23:00
Check out: до 12:00

Early check-in and late check-out are possible by prior arrangement, the service is free of charge.
We meet (escort) guests at the Pavlovsky station The accommodation is designed for 4 people (in addition, it is possible to use a sliding sofa in the lounge area, first floor)
The guest house does not have facilities for children under 12 years old.
Pets are allowed, (upon request, the service is free.)
The price includes breakfast, tea and coffee, throughout the day.
Smoking is allowed on the terraces.

On the ground floor there is a lounge area: a living room with a fireplace and a dining room. There are indoor and outdoor terraces with garden furniture. Gas grill, BBQ. At the request of guests provided skewers, charcoal. On-site parking.

1 person 9 000 rub. 8 000 rub. 8 000 rub. 9 000 rub.
2 person 9 000 rub. 8 000 rub. 8 000 rub. 9 000 rub.
3 person 10 500 rub. 10 000 rub. 10 000 rub. 10 500 rub.
4 person 13 000 rub. 12 000 rub. 12 000 rub. 13 000 rub.
The price includes Transfer from (to) Pavlovskoko station. Survival (2 bedrooms, bathroom, sauna, jacuzzi, outdoor terrace) wi-fi,
Lounge area of 1 floor with fireplace (wood), outdoor terrace, barbecue area, parking, breakfast, coffee, tea throughout the day. Kitchen. Help in ordering excursions, events, etc.
Extras: Dinner, Individual optional excursion. Transfer from and to Airport, Bar, Snacks.


One of the amenities for guests of St. Petersburg is CARSHARE.
You can get from Pulkovo Airport, I don’t resort to taxi services.
Car sharing in St. Petersburg: operating and rental completion areas
How to get to Pavlovsk:
The fare for a taxi from Pulkovo Airport to the Pavlovsky Station (Yandex taxi) is 700-800 rubles.
Order a taxi at the airport 900-100 rubles.
The fare from the Moscow railway station to the Pavlovsky railway station is 800-900 rubles. (Yandex taxi)
From Vitebsky station to the station Pavlovsk 35 minutes, the cost of 54 rubles.
From Kupchino metro station to Pavlovsky station 15 minutes, the cost is 43 rubles.